Why does acupuncture work?


Acupuncture uses needles placed on energetic meridians within your body to get a response from the central nervous system.  Placing the needles on different energetic meridians causes the body to react in different ways.  If an energetic meridian is blocked this can cause pain, using needles along the meridian can unblock it and relieve pain.


How long does it last?


It depends on how long you have had an issue and how sever it is.  Most patient report that their first treatment lasts at least 4 days.  As treatments continue to build on one another patients eventually get to where treatments are lasting weeks to months.

What does it feel like?


Our goal is to make sure that you experience no pain when you are being treated.  Some common experiences patients report when they are treated with needles are reported as feeling heavy, warm, tingling, or weird.  If a patient does feel the needle they often say that it felt like a small pinch but quickly it quickly dissipated.  If for any reason you have a needle that feels uncomfortable, please tell your practitioner and they will adjust it or take the needle out.  It might have been that the needle was a little too close to a nerve which may have felt uncomfortable.


How big are the needles?


We use 34 gauge, disposable, sterile, stainless steel needles.  They are about 10 times smaller than the typical needles you see in a doctor's office and are about the size of a cat's whisker or a human hair.


Where do you put the needles?


We typically don't use more than 15 needles in a treatment and the majority of the time they will be placed in the legs below the knees and in the arms below the elbows.  Needles can also be placed in the abdomen and back if certain points are needed to treat a condition.


Are the needles clean?


Yes, we use disposable sterile, stainless, steel needles which have been approved by the USDA for medical use.


How long will a treatment take?


Your first treatment will take about 75 minutes and follow up treatments will take about 45 minutes.  In your first treatment your acupuncturist will be diagnosing your condition and then selecting points to use to help your body heal.


What can be treated by acupuncture?


Pain, allergies, digestive disorders, insomnia, headaches, migraines, stress, anxiety, nausea, the flu, the common cold, ringing in the ears, floaters in the eyes, dry skin, weight loss, low energy, infertility, respiratory disorders, and many more things.